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Folk Music with Rolf Cahn: Eric Von Schmidt in Concert, Boston 1960: Set Two

Published December 9, 1961

Rolf Cahn introduces the second half of a recording of a concert of folk music by Eric Von Schmidt, held in the basement of the Boston YMCA, in 1960. Von Schmidt accompanies himself on guitar as he sings a selection of English and American folk songs, with a little bit of Blues and Gospel thrown in for good measure. A key figure in the folk revival movement of the early 1960s, Von Schmidt regularly performed with such other luminaries as Joan Baez, Richard and Mimi Farina, Bob Dylan, and Rolf Cahn. Von Schmidt’s repertoire of folk and blues music was impressively large and he first introduced many songs to his better known contemporaries. Also a painter, Von Schmidt created a number of album covers for Baez, John Redborn, Maria Muldur, and others. After the 1970s, Von Schmidt largely ceased to release albums and perform publicly, instead devoting most of his time to his painting. Eric von Schmidt died in February 2007 at the age of 75.

Run time 30 min


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Reviewer: WarrenJ - - December 5, 2012
Subject: Ric von Schmidt live
Nice stuff, well recorded
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